The brain possesses the ability to develop improved neurological processing at any age, not just when one is very young. Neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change or adapt neuronal pathways) allows the adolescent and adult brain to develop new neurological connections, strengthen weak neurons, or even reroute neurological information around damaged areas of the brain. Therefore, one cannot be “too old” to respond to programs that stimulate neurological development like Dynamic Listening and Interactive Metronome.

Through evaluation, Key to Me Therapy can determine if the issues an adolescent or adult is having can be improved by either Dynamic Listening and/or Interactive Metronome. Each individual’s program is tailored to meet his or her specific needs; therefore, an appropriate protocol can be created for anyone for whom this therapeutic approach applies.

Adolescents who participate in a Dynamic Listening program are offered age-appropriate games and activities that help them build social skills, work on mental acuity, or help with needed academic skills. Adults may choose to simply listen to the music that comprises their program or engage in other activities such as art, games, or physical activity. When deemed appropriate through evaluation, some adults may participate in a Home-based Therapy such as The Listening Program, which allows for flexibility in scheduling.

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