Listening is the active process of decoding information that comes to us through the ear. It differs from hearing in that listening requires intent and focus while hearing is a passive, autonomic process. Many individuals with perfect hearing have auditory processing or listening difficulties.

While listening cannot be seen, evaluation of the skills that result from effective auditory processing can be used to determine if an individual is having difficulty in this area. The following checklist offers a catalog of skills that require effective listening. Complete the checklist to help determine if an individual is having difficulties that could be helped by increasing his or her auditory capabilities. When an individual shows collective weaknesses under any one area or deficits across several areas, an evaluation is recommended.

1. Download one of the following Listening Checklist PDFs from the list below.
— Listening Checklist for Adults
— Listening Checklist for children ages 4-18
— Listening Checklist for children ages 4 and under

2. Fill it out.
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