At Key to Me Therapy, we recognize that each child is first and foremost a child regardless of the challenges he or she may be facing. We also know that things that are fun to do are easier to do. Thatís why all of our therapies include dynamic, sensory-rich, socially-engaging activities that are both beneficial and fun. Individuals participate in activities designed to improve sensory processing, decrease tactile defensiveness, increase balance and coordination, and improve overall sensory integration while they swing, jump, play games, laugh and, most of all, have fun.

Group Dynamics, Individualized Therapy
Every client that receives therapy from Key to Me undergoes an individual program designed to specifically address his or her auditory and sensory processing challenges. Each individualís unique auditory stimulation program, interactive metronome program, or combined Dynamic Listening/Interactive Metronome program is programmed into the computer and delivered through headphones to that individual. Each individual then participates in sensory-oriented activities within a small group to augment his or her program with appropriate activities and to promote socialization. The group setting provides children with a fun, interactive environment that offers beneficial activities and adult support, while the headphones and advanced technology delivers his or her powerful, individualized therapeutic program.

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